Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WE passed thru Hanoi twice on our way to Halong Bay and Sapa. We spent the last 5 days of our trip there buying souvenirs and being VERY SICK. We picked up a bug of some sort that had us in bed coughing up our lungs and draining our sinuses. The timely administration of a Percocet helped dull the pain of sore throat and ribs that hurt from so much coughing. We did manage to get out and get some photos, even tho we had to miss quite a bit of what we wanted to see in Hanoi and thereabouts.
The Old Quarter of Hanoi is just fascinating. The street names change every block making it very difficult to keep track of your whereabouts. The streets are named for the old guilds that operated there. E.g. paper street has all paper stuff, and "metal street" will have all types of metal cages, racks, brass etc.

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