Monday, March 23, 2009

Lonely Planet posting re Night Bus to Hoi An Feb 18 '09

Eleven bucks to take a nite bus to Hoi An. Doesn't sound too bad for a nite's lodging a nd transportation for 530 km. Well hold on, There are a few tips you need to know.
The bus is a big honker w/ a row of "bunk beds" that recline, running two rows down the walls of the bus and one row down the center. That's all well and good unless you get the berths in the rear of the bus where the put 5 across. If you are 6 feet tall and 275 pounds wide this makes for a miserable experience I can tell you. Mike is my size and we were put side to side. Mike on the wall and then me and then 3 small (thank God!) Austrian girls. If you are in the single berths you can roll side to side and hang your arms out but I was sardined in and could barely move w/o pissing Mike off or making the girl think I was some kind of dirty old man. Didn't sleep a wink. I think I would try this again But you need to Know a few tricks
Take your boots off and put in your luggage and just wear your sandals onto the bus, You must take off any footwear before entering the bus,
Of course check your seating before buying a ticket
I'd suggest taking a center bunk if you can get it if turning side to side is important to you
Your main luggage goes under the bus. There is no room for a big backpack in your berth.
Your carry-on should have a flashlite, toilet paper, water, snacks, toothbrush
You get one rest stop at midnite and there is a teeny weeny no-water crapper that I fortunately did not check out.

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