Monday, March 23, 2009

E-mail Feb 18,2009

Mike and I walked along the beach this a,m, about 0630 and saw the VN exercising very early . They are done early and when it's hot the gringos take over. We walked about 2 mi from Hotel to where the fishing fleet is unloading. Mike took a $ 6 boat ride around the area while I waited on shore. I took the same ride yesterday for $6 and sent some pix. $6 is way too much but I wanted to ingratiate myself w/ the people so they would take kindly to my poking a camera in their faces. This is not on any of the tour routes . I was the only Westerner there. Everyone is quite friendly so photos were no problem. I just kept smiling and saying "Kam On" (don't know how to spell "thank you")

This afternoon Our goal is to go to the beach and find a woman to cook us some lobster in her little charcoal cooker right on the beach. I have been looking forward to this for months.

Not as hot here as delta, Still plenty warm at 90 deg - ocean breeze is very helpful.

Tomorrow we take the NhaTrang city tour and then the 11 hr nite bus to Hoi An. $11 for an 11 hr ride. The seats recline something like a Lazy boy. One nite's lodging AND transportation fo $11, Not bad (I hope)

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