Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Can Tho we stayed at the Tay Ho hotel. The guy there was pleased to see former servicemen. He told us of some of his trials and tribulations, getting choked up when relating the story of how his father spent 15 yrs in prison after the war. The whole family was in disbelief when he showed up at home as they all thought he had perished. He arranged an SUV and a guide to take us to Mike's old base area, and he set up the river tour for the next day. The food in the restaurant next door was just fabulous.

Phoung, our guide for 2 days, had been a Captain in the SV army and spent 2 years in a re-education camp after the war. He related that the RedCross kept an eye on the place so conditions weren't as bad as they could have been. He makes his living now teaching English and guiding tourists. In my travels I haven't been too keen on using guides, but I'm re-evaluating that stance as for only $10 he stayed w/ us all day and explained things we never would have figured out on our own.

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