Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OK! the test worked so now I guess I'm a blogger!  that means I have a platform on the www to espouse my views and if people will listen the world can be saved. Wonderful!
Saving the world is a lot of work tho, so I'll put that off until later and concentrate on my trip to Vietnam.
Mike Burns and I were both in VN in '68-'69. He in the navy in the delta and I was along the DMZ in the army. We didn't know each other until about 10 years later when our kids were in school together and we were neighbors. 
We are both avid photographers and this combined w/ our desire to revisit our old wartime stomping grounds led to a 4 week visit to VN mid Feb -mid Mar 2009.
In preparing for this trip I scoured the net looking for photo ideas and reports from vets who had revisited VN. I found some things, and I hope this blog may be helpful to folks that are looking for the same type info, and I'd just like to share the experience with friends, family and co-workers.

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