Monday, April 13, 2009

These 3 pix were taken on the road towards Rockpile (west) from Camp Carroll. If you were there you remember a bridge that had a sharp ridge coming down to it from the S side of the road. The abutments for an old bridge are still there - the ridge has been cut way back as you can see in the 2009 photo. The road doesn't have to make such a sharp turn now. Big trucks from Laos have an easier time getting thru there now.The river hasn't changed much at all in 40 years. The arrows in the above photos point out the riffle that is in the same spot now as then.

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  1. Thanks for the photos of then and now. I was with a Marine squad as a corpsman for security at this bridge. I remember walking up river a short way and floating back down on our "rubber ladies" with only an M16 and a flak jacket on.
    Ken Honaker HM3, Mike Co, 3/9/3 USMC 67-68