Friday, April 3, 2009

How much does a 28 day trip like this cost?

Mike and I each took care of our own expenses, sharing the cost of a room.
My expenses break down roughly like this:
$1300 Pre-trip for guide books, maps, visa to enter the country, airport shuttle, plane tickets, and travel (repatriation) insurance. (I didn't figure in cost of backpack, travel gear, clothing, toiletries etc.)
$1000 for gifts, souvenirs, and shipping
$1700 in-country for food, my share of the lodging, trains, taxis, buses, planes, bike rental, tours, guides,and admission tickets

From the photos you may gather that we didn't travel like kings, but we didn't go like I did in my backpacking -sleep-under-a-bridge-days either. We would splurge on $3 ice cream, the rare $18 meal (until we got smart) We also got ripped off on occasion. I'd say I lost $75- $100 on "bad decisions." You could certainly do the whole thing more cheaply, and even tho I really am a cheap bastard, I don't regret not roughing it much more than we did. It was really a great trip.

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